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Clan Economics

Main Sources of Income:

► Endowments: The Imperial Emperor and his Court make frequent gifts and endowments to Wu-Tang Clan for their continued support.

► Master Hands: Wu-Tang often lends out Master Hand Disciples to the Imperial Army to teach the soldiers martial arts.

► Body Guards: For the right cause, Wu-Tang clan may lend out disciples to protect certain cities, or even individual Nobles, businesses, or organizations.

► Weapon Mastery: For the right buyer, Wu-Tang may create special equipment, such as master armaments or weapons.

► Gifts and donations: Offerings from members of minor clans under Wu-Tang’s command are another large source of income. In return, Wu-Tang backs up the businesses of those members with its defense, and good name, and so those businesses often flourish. Also, they continuously receive gifts of money from both commoners and nobles whom they defend.


Taoism: A philosophy based on the interpretation of a sacred text called Tao Te Ching, accredited to the writer Laozi, who by some accounts was the teacher of both Buddha and Confucius. The Tao Te Ching relates Laozi’s understanding of The Tao, or Water Course Way, the fundamental principle underlying the universe, which incorporates the principles of Yin and Yang and advocates humility and religious piety. Much of the philosophy of Taoism is derived from the following passage: The Tao is unknown, and you need not know it.

Artifacts of Wu-Tang:

► Clan’s Supreme Artifact: The Holy Board of Yin and Yang.
An eight-sided board made of copper, inscribed with Tai Chi symbols, is often used for divination and meditation in Taoism. Because there are a multitude of symbols and letters on the board, “deciphering” the meaning can be quite a complex process. It is said that the board is the key to learning the clan’s ultimate technique, Sword of Tai Chi Wisdom or No-Enemy Art, which was reportedly mastered only by Master Lingyun following The War of Nine Dragons.

► Weapon Artifacts: The Blue, Green and Gold Destiny Swords. The Blue Destiny Sword was last seen in the possession of Master Lingyun, one of the lost Nine Dragons.

► Taoist Medicine: Herbs, Acupuncture and Acupressure.
Wu-Tang’s medicine utilizes the core nature of The Five Elements to energize the properties of one’s own inner Chi to promote healing. They believe that Chi not only governs the behavior one’s body, but the reasons for illness, treatment of disease, diagnosis of disease, prevention of disease and the body’s own rehabilitation. Basically, they regard a human body as made up of Yin and Yang, contradictory states harmoniously unified. The Yin is buried within the internal organs and used for maintaining the consumption of daily activities. Yang is positioned outside the body to protect the physical shell of one’s body from external forces. If the balance of Yin and Yang is damaged, a person will fall sick. Thus when treating a person, one must adjust the Yin and Yang to be harmonized so as to bring it back to normal balance.

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